Path to Hocma now available

// October 18th, 2010 // News

On Friday the 29th, the new LP “Path to Hocma” will get released. This album could be marked as conceptual, but as time goes by you’ll be able to see how it turns into something more than that, a multidisciplinary task that will be growing through the years and will be shaping and expanding itself amongst different ways of expression, not only musical but human. There are ten tracks on it:

00.- The Town
01.- The Desert of the Real
02.- The Rising of the Real Man
03.- The Bindu Sea: Cloudy
04.- The Brigit Mountains
05.- The White Mountains
06.- The Swamp
07.- The Hocma Point
08.- The Ophoist
09.- The Virus Ophoist / The Yethunter

Once again, it’s been recorded without any kind of amplification, with no guitars, and lacking the need of entering a studio… just with an electric bass and the willing and happiness of creating. Every step of the production is again in charge of 413: composing, interpretation, recording, production, mixing, mastering… But relying on the interpretation on the voices of: Urko Eizmendi (Krilin), Joseba Ruiz (Dazein) and Rubén Ramos (Cohen). This time, the design and conceptual view of the story depended on the artist and graphic designer Leyre Otermin.

This album will not be sold neither in physical nor in digital format. There will only be a donation link via PayPal for anyone who wants to contribute. You can also get it for free and under Creative Commons license on direct download in the official website You can ask for the physical format of the LP on the website or sending an e-mail to The album will also be available in some spots of different cities, which will be confirmed soon.